Assistant Principal
Claudine Galbraith
School Principal
Desiree Resto
 1700 Macomb's Road, Bronx, NY 10453
Phone: 718.583.7007
Fax:  718.583.4864
Guidance Counselor
Carolyne González-
Guidance Counselor
Carmen Irizarry,

Professional Development:

Teq Online PD


6th Grade Science


PBS Energy Sources

Modulo 10  - Generating Equivalent Algebraic Expressions

Variable expresiones equivalentes

Modulo 15 Surface Area and Volume of Solids

Surface Area (Spanish Version)

Superficie de un prisma triangular

Area y volumen de un prisma

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6th  Grade Math

Module 1
Negative Integers

Understand Absolute Value

Absolute Value

Module 2
Greatest Common Divisor

Greatest Common Factor

Lowest Common Multiple

Minimo Comun Multiplo



Distributive Property

6th Grade Math
Module 3

What Are Rational Numbers?

Rational Numbers

Classifying Rational Numbers

Rational Number Presentation

Multiply Fractions

Multiply Decimals


Sixth Grade Announcements

MS 232X After School and Saturday Academy
AssignmentDue DateDescription
Reading 2 April 15, 2014 Reading Chapter 2 
Worksheet 1 April 8, 2014 Complete worksheet #1 
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MS 232X After School and Regent Program and Saturday Academy

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